Hi there!

I come from the beautiful Sardinia, but these days I’m living in Helsinki, Finland (you know, they have sauna in here)

This page is supposed to be an informal summary of what I love, what I did and what I do currently. If you’re interested in a more “professionally looking document”, check out my constantly-outdated CV.


It’s possible that you stumbled on some of my work in PureScript, Haskell or Clojure.

In fact, I often contribute to open source software.
The projects I’m currently involved in are:

  • spago, PureScript package manager and build tool
  • dhall-lang, a programmable configuration language that is not Turing-complete
  • dhall-clj, native Clojure integration for Dhall
  • dhall-kubernetes: integration between Kubernetes and Dhall

I also speak at conferences sometimes. My last recorded talks have been:

  • “Write yourself a compiler in Clojure: Dhall edition”
    Clojure Meetup, Helsinki - 2019-01-14 (video, slides, code)
  • “Purely Functional DevOps with Dhall”
    Small FP Conf, Helsinki - 2018-09-13 (video, slides)


I like to make music. This is the last record I produced and mostly composed (you might fancy it if you’re into post-rock or prog-rock)

Of course, food

Stereotypically enough, I very much like making food (spoiler: it’s way more predictable than software even though it’s much more fuzzy!) and baking, and so on 🍕